The Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum

TheĀ  museum was initiated in 1983 by a group of ex sailors with an interest in heritage in a small room in the old pilots cottage where the Ballina Information Centre now stands. The energy of the team, particularly through the efforts of the first curator Roy Kilner helped grow the museum to occupy most of the cottage.

In 1993 it was moved into its present position, continuing to grow so much that in 2006 another 300 square meter extension was added and this too was soon filled.

The Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum is a self funding not for profit organization run by volunteers committed to the goals of the museum.

Our mission is to collect, preserve and present the rich maritime heritage of Ballina and of the large number of mariners, past and present who reside in Ballina.

Wheelhouse Display

The displays are designed to inform and educate the local community, particularly the younger generation and present an attractive resource for tourist and school curriculum activity.

1: Project Sydney
2: Krait and Submarines

The museum has an unparalleled model collection of ships, galleons, yachts, warships and merchant ships, some up to 3.5 meters long.

Life at sea is depicted by facsimiles of mess decks and ship's cabins.
Uniforms, medals, badges and memorabilia illustrate and relate to life at sea.

Displays include: navigation, communication, fishing, local history, women in the navy, fate of the HMAS Sydney I, submarines and significant events in maritime history.

The significance of exhibits is explained by short simple fact sheets, including examples of naval terms which have become part of our everyday language.

Open 7 Days 9am - 4pm Regatta Ave Ballina NSW Australia ph: (02) 6681 1002